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Ruby red color with garnet reflections. Bright. With a call for cherry, cinnamon and licorice.


The Brunello of Cantine Luciani

A typical vineyard system that consists of a horizontal cord that leaves 3/5 short spurs to 2/3 gems. This is the secret behind Brunello di Montalcino of the Luciani Wineries. “This – explains Francesco Luciani – Allows to obtain a system with regular thickness, guarantees a good balance of production and a good exposure of the vegetation ».

The quality of the produced wine is naturally linked to the early selection of grapes and the characteristics to be observed. “Selection is done with the thinning, a practice performed exclusively by hand two or three times during the development phases of the grape from the attachment to the rotation with a last control before the harvest that allows us to take, perfectly healthy and mature grapes. “

The production of wine in the Siena company starts meticulously with the harvest. “An harvest that is rigorously executed manually. The maximum yield is generally within 50 quintals of grapes per hectare; Followed by natural fermentation in steel tins, averaged for about 20/25 days, and after the plowing is followed by soft pressing of the marc, a period of six months in steel tanks and then refining in oak barrels of Slavonia, from 15 to 40 hectoliters of capacity, for a minimum of 36 months. “

The result? A Brunello with unique features that embrace all senses. “At the eyes appears immediately ruby red with garnet reflections. What strikes is its brightness. The smell is rich with a bit of cherry, cinnamon and licorice. On the palate it is mineral, with balanced tannins and with good freshness. “

A selected product, from limited production, aimed at high quality. A high quality that remains highly appreciated in Italy. But not only. “Our production – continues Francesco Luciani – is distributed essentially abroad, especially in Europe, North and South America and in minimum part in the Far East. All through local importers. A production that is still destined for specialized trade. In Italy ours remains a niche product, which is why we maintain a direct relationship, above all, and almost exclusively, with wine shops. “

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